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Services & Prices 

Pack of Paws - Providing Everything You Need

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Group walks

I offer a personalised walk best suited to your dogs needs. I have space for solo walks or group walks for well suited compatible dogs. 

Group walks are limited to 5 dogs to ensure all dogs get the enrichment and socialisation they deserve. 

Group walks £12

Multiple dog household £10 

Solo walks

Solo walks or same household walks are available and are perfect for puppies, elderly dogs, aggressive or anxious dogs. 

Walking services are available 15 minutes from DN68HQ

Solo hour walks - £14.50 

Solo 30 minute walks - £10

Multiple dog household - 60 mins £8 per dog

30 mins £6 per dog 

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Home visits 

Home visits include playtime and cuddles with your loved one. I check in on your family member; I feed, clean any accidents/ clean their litter tray, refresh water and provide company for them. Visits will be tailored to your house needs. 

Home visits - £8 

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Pet Sitting

Pet sitting overnight involves me staying at your house, looking after your pets and keeping them in their routine in the comfort of their own home. 

Whilst there I will be feeding, cleaning, entertaining, loving, and respecting your animals and house and providing the same level of care you give to them. 

Daily updates and photos are sent over to you to ensure your mind is at ease. 

Pet sitting starts from £45 depending on location

Meet & Greet

Dog walks, check ins and pet sitting require a meet and greet free of charge where I meet you and all of your animals. We can then discuss your requirements and decide if it's a good fit. Once the "admin" part is done, you provide me with a key or access to a lock box, show me feeding routines etc and we can arrange a schedule to look after your animals on a daily/weekly basis or provide holiday cover. 

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