Pack of Paws 

Need a responsible and caring person to look after your pets? You’re in the right place! I’ve always been an animal owner and love all animals, big and small. With experience with Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Mice, Rats, Guinea pigs & other small furries. Your pets are in the safest hands. 

Paws for thought

Hi! I'm Becca and I run Pack of Paws. I've always loved animals, so decided to follow what I love and open my own animal care business. 

I offer both 30 minute and 1 hour dog walks depending on your dogs requirement. I personalise my dog walking service wether it's walking your dog by itself or with a small compatible group. I walk no more than four dogs together if safe to do so for group walks, these will be done in a safe area where dogs will get pavement time and also field time to run around and explore (with your permission to be off lead).


Over the years I have had experience with dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, rats, guinea pigs, gerbils and fish. I offer home visits for all of these animals which ranges from 20-45minutes. This can include playtime and cuddles with your loved one, litter cleaning, feeding, refreshing their water.  I am more than happy to work around your schedule or time frame. 

All visits or walks will come with updates sent to you via whatsapp to keep you updated. 

I pride myself on my patience, kindness and competence —   so please get in touch. I can’t wait to start looking after your precious pet.


I have availability for some walks, sits and stays! 

 Let's connect.



My experience was that fantastic I genuinely don’t know where to start! Becca came to visit my 3 girls a few times before doing a short stay knowing she would soon be doing a really long stay for us. Becca instantly made me and 2 of my dogs friends for life! My 3rd dog is an extremely nervous golden retriever who just wasn’t sure at all to start. I have family that she’s still standoffish with however within 2 short visits you could see a massive change. By the time the first short stay was over Jess had been won over and is fully sitting on Becca having snuggles and head rubs to the point Jess is snoring! Nothing short of a miracle worker! Becca is calm patient and extremely loving to all 3 of my girls to the point of them looking disappointed id walked in the door lol. My husky German shepherd cross is friendly however she’s all about me however she was totally all about becca. Who was getting more love and snuggles than I’ve had in 11 years. Each one of my girls got spoilt with love and attention I genuinely think they love becca as much as they love playing ball. I’m so thankful we’ve found someone that I know will look after my girls and not only them but put my mind at ease with the amount of fantastic pictures and updates you send. Having gone from the girls staying in kennels and not hearing a thing to getting to stay at home and me getting updates is nothing short of amazing. I’ll be forever grateful for finding such a wonderful kind caring person to spend time with the girls when I can’t. 


As a fellow dog walker I've met with Becca & I can say that I have learnt & will continue to learn and ask for guidance from her as she is incredible at what she does. I'm hoping I follow in her footsteps to provide a service that she does so well.
I let her handle my Huskies for the day and I'm impressed someone could be so good with dealing with them because they aren't small & calm dogs by any means. Keep up the good work & I hope to keep in touch to learn more from you.
I'm glad we don't work in the same area because I know you'd be my number one choice 😀